Yay! Moar memes.

Questions by the lovely racethewind10

1. How did you and your significant other meet?
We live in the same neighborhood so I saw her out and about. And I got to thinking, who is this little lesbian, I gotsa meet her, get my sweet kisses on. So I asked her out for coffee and she said yes. And the rest is history.

2. what is the thing you find most attractive in the same sex?
Boobs. Oh my god, I'm a 12-year-old boy when it comes to boobs. But that's the shallow end of my attraction. Women are so much more awesome than guys. And I should know, I've dated a few. Just the fact that girls are more beautiful, more sensual, they smell wonderful and are so soft! Also, boobs.

3. What are your current (if any) fandom obsessions?
Not so much the complete fandom, but pairing. Brittana has me obsessed. I couldn't care less about the other aspect of the show as long as I get my dose of Naya Rivera and Heather Morris on my TV. I also have a feeling Smash will become a significant part of my daily squee routine.

4. If you ran Glee, what would the show look like?
First of all, there would be no New Directions. I'd give ALL the songs to the Troubletones because they are truly the best thing that happened to that show in its three years of existence. I'd also kick all the boys asses for treating girls like crap, except Mike Chang's character because he's got some wicked moves and is generally awesome. There would also be significantly more lady kisses on the show and none for Finchel, bye.

5.Leather, or lace?
Leather, just because I suspect that doing bad ass things in a lacy outfit wouldn't be as cool. Or comfortable.

6. Mord'Sith or Confessor?
My eternal devotion belongs to Kahlan Amnell. She's compassionate, she's skillful, she fights like a motherfucker and kicks ass and she's breathtakingly gorgeous. It's that white dress, I think, that made up my mind for me. And the boots and the hair porn. And the daggers and those blue eyes. And the lip scar.

7. You have just won a million dollars, what do you do?
I'd build a super secret evil lair and then invite all my UN girls over for a pajama party. Or an orgy. Or both.

How do I Live Journal anymore?

So I haven't posted on here in ages, but I'm still lurking around so I spied some of my friends filling out this meme and I decided to fill it out myself, too. You know, for old times sake.

Questions by lysachan

1) Could you imagine permanently living outside of Croatia?
Right now, I can't. I love my city and I'm very attached to it and so is my girlfriend. I'm also very bad with dealing with change, especially the big kind such as moving and starting your life somewhere else. But I guess, if I had to or if I set my mind to it, I could. It would take some getting used to it, I'd be very home sick at first, but then I'd get over it eventually. Besides, gf and I sometimes fantasize how we'll move to Iceland once we're rich. So there.

2) What is the femslash paring that has had the biggest influence on your fangirly life?
It all began with Sara Sidle and Sofia Curtis of CSI. That's the first fandom I stumbled in and you know what they say: you always remember your first. I had no idea about how a fandom works, how engaging it is or how devastating it can be. Oh my creys! I had no idea. I still pine over the loss of Det. Sofia Curtis because she's the reason I even ventured into the vastness of the Internets in search of fandom.

3) Do you like vegetables?
I do. The problem is, I never liked vegetables the way my mom cooked them so I ended up growing up not eating much of vegetables. I like them simply cooked in salty water, maybe fried on some butter later and seasoned. I like when my peas roll around on the plate and I have to chase them with a fork.

4) What is your favourite music genre?
Pop music. Rock. I like classic and dance music just as much. It's not about the genre, really. It's more about the beat and the feel and the sound of the singer's voice. For example, going through my music collection you'll find: Sara Bareilles, Evanescence, Rammstein, Leftfield, Metric, Norah Jones, Dire Straits, Queen, Roxette, Kelly Clarkson, Texas, Marilyn Manson, Goldfrapp, Florence + The Machine, 80's rock, Mozart, Vivaldi... the list goes on. If it gives me ~feelings, me gusta.

5) Did you like school?
I liked it as much as any average kid likes school. While I was attending it, I was like, 'crap, school', after I finished it I was like, 'fuck, now I have to get a job'. I was a good student, I liked certain subjects and certain professors because some of them were really trying to pass on their knowledge onto us. And then there were those who just came in and did a lousy job and it made me regret I chose the high school I chose. But since I was an A student all throughout my education everybody assumed I loved school and everything about it when, actually, I was pretty much disappointed by it. Turns out, I'm much better at learning things from practice than I am from a book.

6) What is the first site you visit when you go online?
Facebook. I know: I suck. But hear me out! I have this awesome group of girls on there and they are from all around the Europe and US and we talk about STUFF that's important so I always go there to see if someone wrote something or if there's a new reason for me to make fun of _miss_frost, as I'm accustomed to do because she's so adorable when I make fun of her. Also, there's discussion about boobs and that's always relevant and I must stay on top of that, too. Also, many of my friends simply decided that texting is so passe and they insist on leaving me FB messages instead of sending me texts when they wish to tell me something so checking Facebook is the equivalent of me checking my e-mail first thing in the morning 10 years ago.

7) Are you happy?
Since, literally, little things make me happy, I guess I can say that I am (to prove my point: yesterday, I found my old stapler at work that I misplaced months ago and I was so happy I found it, I went from colleague to colleague showing them how I found my stapler and squeed over it how now I'll be able to staple things together again like a proper human being, and not torture myself with that evil crap stapler I used while this old one was missing). Also, I have a wonderful girlfriend, I work at a bookstore which is something I always wanted to do, I get to do fangirly stuff and act like a kid even though I should be a reasonable and responsible adult. So yeah, I'm happy.

You guise! So. Many. Feelings.


I just want to take this screen cap and draw hearts around it and snuggle with it, take it out to movies and to a nice romantic dinner, buy it flowers and introduce it to my parents. And then I'd like to marry it and have a bunch of babies with it. Because it's perfect and, OMG, Santana is so in love and she just sang a song to Brittany and she has all these ~feelings and I totally cried you guise.
keep calm

Because Glee/PLL cross could be epic, take 2

So, I wrote another 1000 words on that Santana/Emily story my plot bunnies insisted on, and now I have a feeling it's getting out of hand because it was supposed to be a simple Santana/Emily one shot where Emily is the new kid at McKinley and Santana is all, Damn, that girl is fine, and now I have all the other PLL girls involved and the entire WMHS football team is in it... and I hope it doesn't get out of control because I want to finish it.

Also, I can't believe no one has writen a Santana/Emily yet. How is that even possible?

Fanfic | Glee | Brittany/Santana, Brittany/Artie | PG-13

Title: Before the gold and the glimmer have been replaced
Pairing: Brittany/Santana, Brittany/Artie
Rating: PG-13
Words: ~3100
Summary: A story in which Santana tries to get her girl back and also cries in her car to Dashboard Confessional
Disclaimer: None of this is mine except for the weak plot and bad grammar
AN: Someone on this one board mentioned how they’d like to see an angsty fic that included some music by DC and Santana crying to it, so I got an idea. Not a very good one, mind you, but it’ll do until I learn how to write better stories. Also, yay for my first Brittana fic! ‘Twas about time. ‘Twas about time I wrote something, anything, actually. I’m no random_flores , kiddies, but I don’t always suck, either. Here, have some angsty Brittana fluf. It’s from the heart. Title from Dashboard Confessional’s song ‘Stolen’



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